We offer quality seed, exclusive products, fertilizers and crop nutrition products from reliable and trusted companies suitable to our climate and this growing region.

We sell seed from the following suppliers just to name a few:


Your livestock relies on quality, consistent feed to stay healthy. Our corn offers highly digestible, impressive yields that will provide high energy to your livestock.

  • Grain
  • Silage
  • Grazing


Soybeans can be a great addition to your crop rotation. They are a lower-input cost crop with worldwide demand.

  • Conventional
  • GMO


Forage crops are the bedrock of sustainable agriculture; they improve the land’s ability to hold water, improve soil structure, improve drainage, increase carbon allocation rates, reduce erosion losses, and have deeper rooting systems that reduce salinization.

By adding forages to your rotation, you can work with your land to improve your soil and provide grazing feed for your livestock.

  • Conventional
  • GMO


The crop has years of research to back its success and boasts high demand. It’s also a great crop to keep in rotation.


Peas are an annual plant, well-adapted to the cool temperate zones of Western Canada. Worldwide demand is high, making Canada a lead exporter of peas.